Sting #3, #4, #5

Unfortunately there was an incident this event which resulted in Mr. Combover being stung 3 times, maybe 4. One face sting, and two arm stings. Luckily Mrs. Combover narrowly escaped a sting, although a bee did try and fly in her ear.

It would be important to note that Mr. Combover should bear responsibility for the stings since he moved quickly around the bees, surprised them, and did not follow basic bee etiquette. Mr. Combover regrets the loss of life that his actions have resulted in.

This is sting #3. Sting #4 was on Mr. Combover's face, and sting #5 was also on his arm.


2 thoughts on “Sting #3, #4, #5

  1. Cam says:

    Again, proving my theory that it is Cam who is the true bee whisperer!

  2. Cash Ashkinos says:

    Cash likes the names:

    Hungry Omen,
    and Sweet Honey

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