The Press are after us! featured in PR

The Buzz continues…

Well, this came out of nowhere, but we’re excited to share the following feature which recently ran on PR Newswire. Here is a link to the article. (

For your convenience I’ve also cut and paste the article here:

“Just a heads up to any bloggers out there: if the name of your site has an awesome pun in it, I’m already a fan. So it’s no surprise that I should be drawn to Bee Somebody. I’m sure there’s a fair amount of buzz around this site already. But not knowing much about the trade or where to start this review, I’ve decided to wing it. Now I don’t want to drone on and on here, but hopefully we can take a look at this blog together and take the sting out of not knowing much about beekeeping… Ok.Ok. This first paragraph is swarming with puns. I’m (probably) done with the word play. Or anyway, they started it.

And they also started a great blog. The mission statement is simple: “New hobby. Learn more about nature. Make honey.” Some other things to consider. The bees are kept by Cam and Mr. Combover in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco. They currently have around 20,000 bees, and have endured around 10 stings. You might also like to know that the queen’s name is Pippa. (Sorry, Kate.)  In total, they’ve spent a little bit more than $700 on the project. The majority of the expenses were spent on the hive, the bees and protective gear. But $19 was also spent on something called a Queen Extruder.

On the site, you’ll see them get stung by bees. And you’ll also see them doing some beekeeping with their families. And you’ll also see something called Black Tar Honey, which I take it is something they made on their rooftop. But most importantly, you’re going to see a pair of guys fully immersed and going for broke on learning something new and interesting. And thankfully, they’ve created this blog to take us along for the hive… er, I mean ride. “


2 thoughts on “The Press are after us! featured in PR

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