Double Down!

When in doubt – go on the offensive!

Cam and Mr. Combover are excited to announce that we’ve decided to double down, and start the new year with 2 hives, instead of 1. We’ve gone ahead and placed the order with our supplier up in Sabastapole, and we’ll soon be the proud owners of 2 hives later in the month. Now that we’ve got a taste of how much fun beekeeping is, as well as a literally taste of how good our rooftop honey is, we wanted to increase our output – thus 2 hives. We’ll continue to update you along the way, but thank you once again for the well wishes we’ve received from many of you in the past few days. It means a lot.


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One thought on “Double Down!

  1. Gilda Skinfill says:

    HIP HIP HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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