Cam & Mr. Combover: A Quick Introduction

Our Beekeeping Story

Cam and Mr. Combover have found beekeeping to be the best hobby and bees to be the best possible “pets.” Requiring only an hour or two a week of work and yielding an infinite amount of reward—namely honey, and endless fascination—apiculture is truly a worthy endeavor. Since we started our pursuit of apiculture, we’ve been stung ten times, harvested over forty pounds of honey, we’ve been injected with steroids, we’ve almost fallen off the roof, but best of all we’ve learned a ton about keeping bees and found a new awesome pastime.

About Us

Cam is an avid beekeeper and nature lover. Hailing from Southern California he has lived back East, in the Midwest, in the Southwest, in London and has since settled in San Francisco. In addition to keeping bees, Cameron is a designer, surfer, and always has a handful of creative projects on at any given time. These are known to include urban birdhousing ( in addition to a variety of book projects and recreational outdoor activities.

His honey can be purchased at Black Tar Honey his design work can be seen at and followed @cameronewing on twitter.

Mr. Combover
Mr. Combover doesn’t even like nature. In fact, he has never had a pet, doesn’t like hiking, and in a total non-sequitur, is married to the most talented woman in the world who happens to be a nearly famous rock star. Mr. Combover tries really hard. He’s published ten books in the past two years, and by day he is a high-powered executive in the fashion industry. Having said all that, he’s also kind of crazy. He thinks he’ll live on the moon by 2050, he’s considering a run for president in 2016, and to top it off, he lives in v-neck sweaters with his monogrammed initials on them.

Best to follow him on or @mrjdkjdk on twitter.

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4 thoughts on “Cam & Mr. Combover: A Quick Introduction

  1. Jamie says:

    i miss you guys bigtime.

  2. Gilda G. Skinfill says:

    I love it! May I have the honor, Mr. Combover, to join your presidential campaign?

  3. lakshmilovestoshop says:

    Thanks guys…I received a beekeeping book for Christmas and you have inspired me to BEE what I wannaBEE…MayBEE a sensational beekeeper…

  4. Lakshmi Loves To Shop says:

    Thank you for your interesting blog. I have nominated you for the “A Very Inspiring Blogger” award. To see this nomination please visit

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