Cam and Mr. Combover @ William Sonoma

Is it just me or is Cam really really good looking?

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One thought on “Cam and Mr. Combover @ William Sonoma

  1. I’ve written emails to San Francisco’s Dept. of Public Works and Dept. of Park and Recreation, asking that they please stop using bee-killing herbicides and pesticides on all city-owned land, including strips of dirt alongside roads. I haven’t heard back, but I’m prepared to gather signatures on petitions if that’s what it takes. Or start an email-writing campaign.

    I’ve watched a strip of road near my home for 16 years now, as they spray it with herbicide/pesticide, Monsanto’s RoundUp, a highly toxic glyphosphate, every year, supposedly to kill the weeds. Without fail, every year, the weeds do not die. Neither do the beautiful wildflowers. The bees, on the other hand, I see only a few each year; whereas they used to be so plentiful. I see them sick and dying when I see them at all.

    Please help! We could start something beautiful here in San Francisco: getting cities to stop using herbicides and pesticides on city-owned land. Start a petition or email-writing campaign, and write an email yourself.

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