The Less Glamorous Side of Beekeeping

Happy to report the hives are thriving. Especially hive #1 where we must be close to 30,000 bees at this point. The activity around the entrance today was phenomenal.

It is interesting to see what a head start will do for a hive. Hive #1, with Queen Pippa II was implanted in the frames from last year so the infrastructure of honeycomb was already present. Also a few of the frames were already gulled with honey so they already had a ready food source. Compare that to give #2 where the bees are starting with empty frames and need to spend the majority of energy just building out the honeycomb frames before even thinking of filling with honey.

I was up there to clean the bee poo off the skylights and received more than my fair share of attention even while staying out of the way. In fact even had an unwelcomed visitor caught in my hair! Happy to report no stings.

Here is a pic of just one window’s worth of dirt and bee poo!



One thought on “The Less Glamorous Side of Beekeeping

  1. Gilda Skinfill says:

    Too much high maintenance but the reward is good.

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