Beekeeper Down!

Oh, did I forget to mention in the Deep, Deeper, Super Deep post that Cam was stung 10 times on his ankles!

Cam’s ankles – post attack. Look closely, you can count 6 already.

So what happened?

Well, as Cam and Mr. Combover were putting the hive back together – remember, we had at this point removed 3 Supers and 1 Top Feeder. We had likely been working the hive for 30 minutes so the bees were well aware, and a bit annoyed at our invasion – Cam lifted Super #4 to put it back on top of the hive, when we realized (too late) that the piece of plywood which usually sits on top of the last Super, was actually stuck (by honey) to the bottom of Super #4. At the exact moment Cam and Mr. Combover realized this, it broke loose and dropped to the roof, immediately jolting the 200 bees that had been holding to the piece of plywood.

As the bees flew in every direction, Cam’s ankles, with his (too thin) black socks, became the main attraction, and you could literally see piles of bees stuck to Cam’s socks. He screamed, handed the Super to Mr. Combover, and began to run away from the hive, the only thing being that all the bees were coming with him. As he swatted, shook his leg, and kicked wildly, the stinging only persisted. Cam bravely tried to regain composure, hoping the bees would lose interest, but once you’ve been stung a few times in the same place, the pheromone that bees release when they sting, becomes an immediately invitation to other bees, that they should attack. Cam wisely retreated down the latter, bees stinging him the entire way down! As it turned out, Cam had over 10 stings on his ankles. We immediately iced them down, and he returned home.

p.s. The next day Cam was only able to work a half-day as the pain in his ankles, with the poison running through his body, proved too much to concentrate for Corporate America.

Cam’s Advice:

#1: Wear thick socks (not thin black ones)

#2: Don’t wear skin tight jeans – the bees stingers can easily penetrate the fabric and if the jeans are tight to your leg, that means their stinger will reach you.

#3: Layers, Cam is committed to now wearing layers, as Mr. Combover does with his overalls, as an added layer of protection…

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2 thoughts on “Beekeeper Down!

  1. JulieBee says:

    I just heard about meat tenderizer as a treatment for a bee sting, and got a chance to try it out last week when two of my bees stung me. I made a paste out of the tenderizer and water and applied it generously to the sting location (after removing the stinger). I was advised to do it immediately after being stung. I just left it on until it dried and fell off. I had very minor pain for a few minutes after applying the paste, then nothing. No swelling and no itching at all.

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