Tower of Power

Cam and Mr. Combover did a quick visit to the hive on account of Mr. Combover headed out of town for a few weeks. The purpose of the visit was to check on the progression of capped honey in the 3rd Super, as well as to ensure the bees had enough room and would be content for another 2 weeks.

Well, it turned out the top two Supers were filled with completely capped frames throughout and the bees had stared to congregate on the outer side of the guard boards thus meaning they might be getting a little crowded.

To alleviate this and also buy us some time until Mr. Combover’s return, Cam and Mr. Combover added a 5th! Super with empty frames to provide additional space, as well as additional opportunity for the bees to store more honey.

Now, because the frames we added were virgin (no comb) the bees will have to spend the majority of their energy building the wax comb before they can start to store honey.

Also as a side note – we removed two frames of capped honey from Super #3 and placed them in the middle of the new frames. The goal being to draw the bees attention to the empty frames.

Second side note – Mr. Combover like a champ (chump?) decided not to wear protective gear and was roundly rewarded when a bee got caught in his hair and panic-stringed him square on the top of his head. Happy to report only mild tingling as result. Oops.


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One thought on “Tower of Power

  1. Gilda Skinfill says:

    Such adventures, Mr. Combover. I am keeping a journal for you.

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