Winter Prep & Mentor Visit

In our continued effort to figure out how to best prepare the hives for winter, we brought over resident bee expert and design ninja Boon.  We went through hive #1 and things are looking pretty good, aside from the mold on the outside of the supers which will be painted over the winter. Numbers are dwindling in preparation for the winter and the honey stores are looking great, so we’re feeling pretty good about things there. There’s still loose talk about harvesting one of the supers to reduce the space the bees need to keep warm. Hive #2 is also continuing along. Still limited to one super, we’re crossing our fingers that they’ll storm the winter months without any issues! A few pics below of the visit.

image (12)

image (2)

image (9)

image (13)

Check out all the dead bees in front of the hive!

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One thought on “Winter Prep & Mentor Visit

  1. Gilda Skinfill says:

    I love waking up to a hot cup of tea and news about the birds and the bees-excuse me, cancel that, just the bees. Thanks Mr. Combover!

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