We Made It!

We’ve got some great news to share. Both of our hives (officially Number 1 and Number 2) have made it through the winter. We obviously don’t want get ahead of ourselves here, but the weather is already warming here in San Francisco and our first deep dive of the new year has proved a success. Both queens are active and laying eggs, though hive number 2 (the hive that previously swarmed and raised a new queen) seems to be the most hearty of the bunch. Check out a quick vid below of the visit. You’ll see how dark brown the comb on the brood frames is as opposed to strictly honey-capped frames!

Spring 2013 Hive Visit



3 thoughts on “We Made It!

  1. Gilda G. Skinfil says:

    What do you know-another success! Congrats.!

  2. netikx says:

    Well done! Enjoyed the video. Wish it was warm enough to inspect the hives here in chilly London.

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