Queen in her cage.

Here is our new Queen in her new hive. Upon initial installation the Queen is put in a small cage as the hive adjusts and accepts the queen’s scent.



2 thoughts on “Queen in her cage.

  1. linda says:

    Do u buy a new swarm? of bees when u buy a new queen? Where do the bees come from if the hive was completely empty. Really appreciate the pics.

    • jdkjdk says:

      Linda, all great questions. There are several ways to start a new hive — catch a swarm, let the hive raise a new queen, or buy a new queen with a small amount of bees (Nucleus or Package). We opted to purchase a Package of bees from our favorite bee store Beekind. If you’re in Northern California, these guys are the best! Thanks for following 🙂

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