The Hobson Hive

We had a double-hive visit this weekend. After visiting the hives on Abbot’s Cellar we visited our hive living at the self-proclaimed World’s Smallest B&B. The hive is young but thriving, and it is clear that the queen is laying consistent and healthy brood pattern. The hive is currently four supers deep, and the bees are just now exploring the fourth super—beginning to store honey in it. Emily and crew are clearly doing a great job with this hive, and the bees are certainly enjoying their non-rooftop environs.




We did spot a few frames with a large number of drone cells, which we thought was a little fishy. Anyone have any tips on what may be causing this?

4 thoughts on “The Hobson Hive

  1. Emily Heath says:

    Is it still swarming season where you are? During our swarm season the queens were producing plenty of drones, but now they have stopped and have started kicking drones out already. Sometimes lots of drones can be a sign that the queen is running out of sperm, but it sounds like she is still laying plenty of worker brood too?

    • jdkjdk says:

      Thanks for the tip Emily! I think we’re through swarm season at this point. But the numbers of drones is certainly suspicious.

      We’re going to keep a close eye on the queen, her productivity and brood pattern. Fingers crossed she’s still in good shape. Again, thanks for chiming in!

  2. Gary Fawcett says:

    Yep as Emily said, you could have a drone layer there. Do you have any other brood in the colony?

    If not I would look at requeening, if this is what the Queen is laying.

    Or it could be a worker that has taken over the egg laying duties…


  3. jdkjdk says:

    Thanks for chiming in Gary! Yeah, there seems to be new brood going in. But as we’re not sure which queen this is (long, sordid story) you’re right in that we may need to requeen. Ugh. Will keep you posted…

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