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Yesterday we got a call from the neighbors saying there were bees allover the hive. We thought they might be ‘bearding‘, unfortunately we were not so lucky. More to come…


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The Good Life

You know you’ve made it as a beekeeper when you can sit back and let your understudies do all of the heavy lifting! Nice one Mr. Combover 😉


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The Hobson Hive

We had a double-hive visit this weekend. After visiting the hives on Abbot’s Cellar we visited our hive living at the self-proclaimed World’s Smallest B&B. The hive is young but thriving, and it is clear that the queen is laying consistent and healthy brood pattern. The hive is currently four supers deep, and the bees are just now exploring the fourth super—beginning to store honey in it. Emily and crew are clearly doing a great job with this hive, and the bees are certainly enjoying their non-rooftop environs.




We did spot a few frames with a large number of drone cells, which we thought was a little fishy. Anyone have any tips on what may be causing this?

The Hives Are Filling up at Abbot’s!

It’s been a busy summer with the bees on the roof of Abbot’s Cellar. The two hives are almost full of brood and the top supers are just about full and capped with honey. You know what that means…harvest time! No dates are set but this fall we’re expecting to harvest quite a bit of honey with the folks over at Abbot’s Cellar. More to come soon!





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Summer Deep Dive

One last deep dive into the hives on the roof of Abbot’s Cellar before we add the fourth supers for all of this summer honey. You’ll recognize tell the Italian bees by all of the ladies congregating outside of the hive. They weren’t impressed with our investigation!


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New Hive(s)—Installation Update

News from the relocated hives. The entrances have both been opened up (one after 24 hrs and the other after 48 hrs) and the bees seem to be re-oriented and doing well. We have reports that the ladies are foraging and thriving in their new locations. Huzzah! Hopefully this amazing weather helps the cause. Fly on!

photo 2

photo 1

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Bee Delivery Number 2

And finally, hive number two finds a good home. We’ll be sure to let you all know how the bees settle in to their new homes with fresh updates from our satellite hive locations. More to come!

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Bee Delivery Number 1

After a bumpy journey across town, we finally arrived at the new home for our first hive, Boon’s backyard. For those of you who don’t know or who haven’t read Our Book) Boon is the person who introduced us to beekeeping.

Boon lives in the Mission in San Francisco and has a super bee friendly backyard. We think this will be a great home for the ladies. Thanks for acting as temporary bee custodian Boon!

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Loading Up the Hives

Finally, after an hour or so of negotiating the scissor lift and gently taping shut the entrance to the hives, we got them both loaded in the back of the truck. Whew.

[vimeo w=600&h=450]
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