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We’re Big In China

We’re getting some love from the Chinese blog Oulaka! Thanks for the Black Tar Honey shout Oulaka ­čÖé

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New Year Beauty Shots

We’ve just completed the photography of the 2012 season packaging for Black Tar Honey! Many thanks to Gillian Bostock for shooting the 2oz. apothecary bottles and 6oz. jars and also to Sticker Mule for the killer label printing job. The jars and labels have never looked so good! Stay tuned, there’s much more to come in the new year!

PS. You can check out the work over at for other packaging related design projects.






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Honey never goes bad – but it does crystallize sometimes when it gets too cold. The easy solution to bringing it back to liquid form is to set the jar in an inch of steaming hot water for 5-10 minutes. Easy.




Full Frame Custom Display

My Mom wanted an entire frame of capped honey for her kitchen so I built her an elegant solution. Now she can scrape a little honey whenever she wants – straight from the hive to her kitchen!


Sneak Peek: Black Tar Honey’s New Bottles

With many new followers to our blog it is probably worth reminding everyone that Mr. Combover and Cam couldn’t agree on a name for their honey so they each have their own label and equally split their bounty from each harvest.

Here is a sneak peek of Cam’s updated new Tincture bottles.




We’re A Big Deal in the UK

Big boy Albert is a fan of Black Tar Honey for his evening snack! Thanks to rockstar parents Tom and Dawn for the picture from way over in London town. We miss you guys!

Introducing Black Tar Honey

Cam has FINALLY finished packaging up his honey and it is now being prepped
for holiday giving. Keep an eye out for the sale of Black Tar Honey on the
web in the spring!

In the meantime, the first THREE respondents to this post will get a free
1oz  sample of their very own!!! Email:

Double Super Secret Harvest: The Bounty (400+ oz.)

Soon to be labelled Mr. Combover Honey (Double Secret Harvest)