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Even Babies Love Us!!!


Jameson (6 months old) in a Mr. Combover onesie


Help us name our new queen!

We’re very much looking forward to picking up our new queens in the coming weeks and we’d like to recruit your help in naming one of them. We’re pretty set on naming one of the ladies ‘Queen Pippa II’ in honor of the late queen, but we still have one name to go!

Have any clever ideas for the name of a healthy new queen bee? If so just add them in the comment box below. We’ll pull from what we think is the best submission and dub the new queen accordingly. Happy naming!

Queen Bee

Awesome queen bee illustration by our awesome book illustrator Suzi Kemp!

Update: the naming contest is taking off like wildfire on Facebook. For those of you who are not all social-networky, we’ll keep you updated here. Watch this space!

Fan Art

Check it out – Mr. Combover’s mother-in-law made this hand stitched cloth Mr. Combover hot pad and gave it to Mr. Combover for Christmas. Fun!

Black Tar Honey Has An Admirer!

Elizabeth Graeber of Nice To Draw has singled out Black Tar Honey as a source of inspiration for her illustration project. Elizabeth has an amazing ongoing blog of illustrations that we definitely recommend you check out. Also, she’s open to taking suggestions for content and can be reached via email on her blog here.

Black Tar Honey Gets East Coast Love

The amazing folks over at Squeaky Wheel Media have got their hands on some of the good stuff in NYC. They’ve been kind enough to send over a pic of them enjoying Black Tar Honey overlooking their view of the city. Thanks for the support gang!

Sneak Preview from Book: Why Beekeepers Don’t Eat Bananas

Here is a sneak preview of one of the original illustrations that Suzi has created for the book. We’re moving along and expect to publish in the new year. More to come.

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Meet Suzi Kemp!

Hi Everyone,

We’ve hired our artist for our book.

Her name is Suzi Kemp and she is an artist out of London.

We love her punk, edgy style, and her graphic lines combined with punches of specifically placed color.

See more of her stuff at

Below is her masthead and one of her drawings titled “V”

Seeking Illustrator: Over 150 artists answered the call!

As you all know, Cam and Mr. Combover just recently successfully funded their Kickstarter project to write a Survival Guide to Urban Beekeeping. Having raised the requisite funds, we posted our opening on Craigslist and were bombarded with over 150 applications for the evidently covetable position of illustrating the book. Shown here below is just a single sample of some of the high quality work that came through. This one is courtesy of Laurie Dindis. She wanted us to be sure to mention this was just a “very rough sketch”  and she is actually even better than this! (Contact her @

We’ll continue to keep you posted as we make our final selection, but wanted to share the journey with you.

Swarming: Wood Bees

Mr. Combover made another batch of wooden bees. The goal being to instal somewhere in the city as a swarm. More to come. If you’d like one in your neighborhood, write to Mr. Combover and he’ll instal and/or mail you one to put up.

Bee #5

Bee #5, Mission (for Christi)