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Mite Alert

Oh no!

For the first time ever one of our hives very clearly has mites. We did a powdered sugar check just to see if mites may be an issue and sure enough we have a few of the buggers.

This is a totally new issue for us so if any of you fellow beekeepers have any suggestions for organic mite removal please do let us know!

abbotbees-092213 photo 3 photo 2

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Abbot’s Cellar Expansion






We’re excited to announce the installation of two new hives on the rooftop of Abbot’s Cellar! We’ll be mentoring the newest beekeepers in the neighborhood and will be sure to keep their progress updated here.

In the pictures above you’ll see the Abbot’s community prepping the hives and installing the queens on their rooftop. These guys are working with an Italian queen and a local queen all procured from the Beekind this spring. More to come!

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Candid: Mr. Combover

Candid photo from a recent visit.


Bees. Lots and Lots of Bees.

Check out the top edge of the super. I love how they are all lined up vertically. Nature is so organized and amazing!

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Ballerina Beekeeper?

Is it just me or does it look like Cam is trying to do a pirouette?


Is that a bee in your suit? Or are you just happy to see me?

Welcome back Mr. Combover!

After a long absence from the hive and the bees, Mr. Combover was welcomed back with an uncomfortable surprise – a bee on the inside of his suit. It was actually going crazy, buzzing loudly, but it wasn’t until the bee flew directly into Mr. Combover’s line of sight that Mr. Combover realized he had a bee INSIDE his suit! Spoiler Alert! If you are a bee-lover please turn away now – Mr. Combover decided his safest recourse was to kill the bee immediately – which he did by crushing it in the face mesh. Gross.


Cam and Mr. Combover @ William Sonoma

Is it just me or is Cam really really good looking?

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Help us name our new queen!

We’re very much looking forward to picking up our new queens in the coming weeks and we’d like to recruit your help in naming one of them. We’re pretty set on naming one of the ladies ‘Queen Pippa II’ in honor of the late queen, but we still have one name to go!

Have any clever ideas for the name of a healthy new queen bee? If so just add them in the comment box below. We’ll pull from what we think is the best submission and dub the new queen accordingly. Happy naming!

Queen Bee

Awesome queen bee illustration by our awesome book illustrator Suzi Kemp!

Update: the naming contest is taking off like wildfire on Facebook. For those of you who are not all social-networky, we’ll keep you updated here. Watch this space!

Williams-Sonoma Collab!

You heard it here first. Williams-Sonoma has come a callin’ and asked us to participate in their “Buy Local, Eat Local” event here in San Francisco’s Union Square. The event takes place the afternoon of March 17th, 2012 and we’ll be selling Black Tar Honey as well as copies of our freshly pressed book “A Survivor’s Guide to Urban Beekeeping.” Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more specifics regarding the in-store appearance and book signing!