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A Hearty Fall Season

Okay, so it’s clear one of the hives on the Abbot’s Cellar roof has mites—but they seem to be thriving in numbers! This has been a huge stresser and we continue to debate the best way to handle the issue. Adding to the complexity of the situation, both hives appear to be thriving, but as we check the bottom board we’re seeing a high count of mites that are dropping from the hive.

We originally looked into Mite-Away strips but the utter toxicity (though organic nature of Formic Acid) so we’re returning to regular dustings of powdered sugar and reading up on additional DIY mite-treatments that will help our bees get through the winter! Any organic, non-toxic recommendations and tips are readily welcome!

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Loading Up the Hives

Finally, after an hour or so of negotiating the scissor lift and gently taping shut the entrance to the hives, we got them both loaded in the back of the truck. Whew.

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The Sting—Backstory

You ever wonder how a bad a sting can get? Mr. Combover shows you how a tiny little spot can turn into a big fat hand!

Stay tuned this weekend and we’ll show you how the rest of the hive relocation turns out! Any more stings? Do the bees find good home(s)? Where will they land!?!?!!?!

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Up On The Roof

Here we see Mr. Combover max out the 25ft scissor lift and reach the roof. You’ll notice it doesn’t quite reach the roof top. It’ll take some tricky negotiating to get the hives onto that lift!

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Sad News

Sad News

We don’t even know how to say this – we have terrible news about the hive.

As you all know, we prepped the bees in the hive for hibernation back in November.  Everything was great, the hive was thriving, they had just delivered their second harvest, we left them plenty of honey, and they settled in for a totally mild California winter with almost no rain and certainly no snow.

Then, a few weeks ago, Cam went up to check on them for a routine, mid-winter visit, and to his surprise and horror, the hive was completely empty. Literally not a single bee in the hive. There was still honey supplies, no signs of infestation, and really no clues as to what happened or why? We are devastated by this. We still don’t know what happened. We are committed to learning more about what could have happened by consulting with a few bee experts in the coming weeks.

We are committed to continuing our journey as beekeepers, and will be posting updates soon on where we go from here. In the meantime, this video captures the moment Cam discovered our hive was empty. Our thoughts and prayers are with Queen Pippa and the hive. We’re grateful for all of their hard work, as we have enjoyed the bounty of their labors, and come to respect and marvel at the wonders of the hive. To think it has been only 10 months since we first brought Queen Pippa home – and consider all that we have learned, laughed, and now cried during that time – wow.

The Cold Knife: Double Super Secret Harvest

In this video Cam explains and then demonstrates how to use the cold knife to cut the caps off the honeycomb.

Super Secret Double Harvest!?!

Cam and Mr. Combover check in on their bees to make sure everything is in order for the winter, and WOW!! what is this they find? An entire Super capped with honey. The bees have made another 30 lbs. of honey in just one month. Mr. Combover is investigating whether to submit to Guiness Book of World Records! Now the big decision is whether to harvest the 30 lbs. for themselves.

A Survival Guide to Urban Beekeeping: Kickstarter Video

Cam and Mr. Combover are going to write a book about urban beekeeping. The below video is what we submitted to kickstarter to raise money for an illustrator.

Kickstarter: We Are Writing a Book!

We’re trying to raise $2000 to hire an illustrator for the book we’re writing:

A Survival Guide to Urban Beekeeping.