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Sausalito Hive Visit

We were very lucky to visit the talented Jennifer Berry this weekend to take a gander at her impressive beekeeping setup. In all she has approximately 10 hives and has all sorts of cool beekeeping techniques going on. Below is a short summary of our visit and tour of Jennifer’s hives.

Jennifer in front of just a couple of her hives.

Smelling the sweet honey from one of the hives. Currently it has a very distinct flavor based on the regional flowers in bloom at this time of year!

Jennifer overlooking the rest of her hives just below the few hives on the balcony.

A detailed shot of the two hives and queen rearing set-up. Top tip: writing notes right on the hive lid is a great way to keep track of hive activity!

Here Jennifer points out how she feeds her bees dry, unprocessed sugar. A real revelation for us!

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New Visitors

This weekend we had Brooke and Lizzie up to the roof to take a tour of the hive. Thanks for visiting gang!

photo 1

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Loading Up the Hives

Finally, after an hour or so of negotiating the scissor lift and gently taping shut the entrance to the hives, we got them both loaded in the back of the truck. Whew.

[vimeo w=600&h=450]
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Jeff and Anissa visit from Austin, Texas.


Mr. Perry


Our friend Andre Perry from Iowa City gets up close and personal.

Like Father Like Son – Cam and his Dad

Two tall handsome gentlemen. Nice work Dad dressing in white!


We’re A Big Deal in the UK

Big boy Albert is a fan of Black Tar Honey for his evening snack! Thanks to rockstar parents Tom and Dawn for the picture from way over in London town. We miss you guys!

Visitors: A Diver, A Karate Kid, and a Puppeteer

I don’t know what it is about visiting our hive, but everyone feels the inspiration to do bee impersonations.

Ashley impersonating an Olympic Diver, Griff impersonating Karate Kid, and Matt impersonating a puppeteer