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Bee and Food Demo

This last weekend we were asked by Chef Adam of Abbot’s Cellar to participate in a live-demo about bees, beer and food at the SF Ferry Building. We had a great time talking about the virtues of beekeeping and also incorporating some of last Fall’s harvest into the delicious winter vegetable recipe. Thanks to CUESA and Chef Adam for a really awesome day!

photo 1
Cam and chef Adam in front of the demo sign.

The crowd asking questions about the cooking process—fresh comb on display.

The frame as we uncap and served up tasting scoops of honey. Surrounded by fresh hops that
chef Adam ground into a fine powder for his fresh hops salt!

Chef Adam talking through his process—a pretty amazing first-hand cooking lesson!

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Sausalito Hive Visit

We were very lucky to visit the talented Jennifer Berry this weekend to take a gander at her impressive beekeeping setup. In all she has approximately 10 hives and has all sorts of cool beekeeping techniques going on. Below is a short summary of our visit and tour of Jennifer’s hives.

Jennifer in front of just a couple of her hives.

Smelling the sweet honey from one of the hives. Currently it has a very distinct flavor based on the regional flowers in bloom at this time of year!

Jennifer overlooking the rest of her hives just below the few hives on the balcony.

A detailed shot of the two hives and queen rearing set-up. Top tip: writing notes right on the hive lid is a great way to keep track of hive activity!

Here Jennifer points out how she feeds her bees dry, unprocessed sugar. A real revelation for us!

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Fall Harvest

At Abbot’s Cellar we’ve got so much stuff going on. A mite issue, an abundance of bees and a TON of honey. With 3 supers of honey and brood and two additional supers full of honey-bound frames. We’ve decided to harvest 1 super from each hive to provide enough space for the coming months (still beautiful and sunny here in SF) and also leave plenty honey for both hives for the winter. A few pics below from Chef Adam and the team doing a bang up job!


Thanks to Hobson for the loan of the 9-frame mega-extractor! It’s so much more efficient!


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Summer Deep Dive

One last deep dive into the hives on the roof of Abbot’s Cellar before we add the fourth supers for all of this summer honey. You’ll recognize tell the Italian bees by all of the ladies congregating outside of the hive. They weren’t impressed with our investigation!


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The Sting—Backstory

You ever wonder how a bad a sting can get? Mr. Combover shows you how a tiny little spot can turn into a big fat hand!

Stay tuned this weekend and we’ll show you how the rest of the hive relocation turns out! Any more stings? Do the bees find good home(s)? Where will they land!?!?!!?!

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[vimeo https://vimeo.com/68812763 w=600&h=450]
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Winter Prep & Mentor Visit

In our continued effort to figure out how to best prepare the hives for winter, we brought over resident bee expert and design ninja Boon.  We went through hive #1 and things are looking pretty good, aside from the mold on the outside of the supers which will be painted over the winter. Numbers are dwindling in preparation for the winter and the honey stores are looking great, so we’re feeling pretty good about things there. There’s still loose talk about harvesting one of the supers to reduce the space the bees need to keep warm. Hive #2 is also continuing along. Still limited to one super, we’re crossing our fingers that they’ll storm the winter months without any issues! A few pics below of the visit.

image (12)

image (2)

image (9)

image (13)

Check out all the dead bees in front of the hive!

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Fat Hand


No – Mr. Combover is not auditioning for a part in Tyler Perry’s new movie – he got a bee sting on his ring finger and has had an extreme reaction resulting in a gigantic club hand as well as hives all over his body (spared you those pics!)

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Bees Can’t Swim

I saved this girl from the pool, but with only one wing this is a sad sad death march.