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Closed for the Winter

This weekend we removed the grease-patties—which seemed to be effective as a lot of mites had dropped from the hive. We’ve now sealed things up and will let the ladies hunker down for the winter without disruption, aside from the occasional visit to check external activity. Good luck bees, we’ll see you in Jan/Feb!

photo 1 photo 2

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Bottom Boards

The activity in our two hives is so very different—here we see the bottom boards side by side. The local hive (nearest) has a lot less detritus falling to the bottom of the hive and fewer mites—the Italian hive meanwhile has more mites and more fallout which we attribute to the hive’s poor performance and lower number of bees.

photo 1[1]

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Fall Harvest

At Abbot’s Cellar we’ve got so much stuff going on. A mite issue, an abundance of bees and a TON of honey. With 3 supers of honey and brood and two additional supers full of honey-bound frames. We’ve decided to harvest 1 super from each hive to provide enough space for the coming months (still beautiful and sunny here in SF) and also leave plenty honey for both hives for the winter. A few pics below from Chef Adam and the team doing a bang up job!


Thanks to Hobson for the loan of the 9-frame mega-extractor! It’s so much more efficient!


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Summer Deep Dive

One last deep dive into the hives on the roof of Abbot’s Cellar before we add the fourth supers for all of this summer honey. You’ll recognize tell the Italian bees by all of the ladies congregating outside of the hive. They weren’t impressed with our investigation!


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Up On The Roof

Here we see Mr. Combover max out the 25ft scissor lift and reach the roof. You’ll notice it doesn’t quite reach the roof top. It’ll take some tricky negotiating to get the hives onto that lift!

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Scissoring Hard

Here we go gang…the first in a series of posts from the hive. As promised, big news. The following videos, images and words will all explain our future vision for the hives and our plan for urban beekeeping. This is the first of many—stay tuned.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/68806656 w=600&h=450]

PS. You may want to turn your speakers way up…then way down.

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Cam and Mr. Combover @ William Sonoma

Is it just me or is Cam really really good looking?

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Our First Sale – And Our Second, And our Third, and Our Fourth…

Our Survival Guide to Urban Beekeeping Book is not officially out, but we sold a few advance copies at William Sonoma today. This is a picture of Cam and Mr. Combover with the lucky customer #1 – she bought it for her dad back in New Jersey.

The Ladies love Cam! These are our 2nd and 3rd copies sold! Has Cam found his target audience? And just so you know that Black Tar Honey spans generations, below is a pick with a young lady who is very excited to get close to Cam!

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