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Yum. Yum. Yum.

A modest spring harvest of two supers worth of honey. Mega lesson learned here, it’s best to harvest honey straight off of the hive, versus storing frames/supers over the winter. Why? Because crystalized honey is soooooo hard to extract and most of it stays in the comb! Oh well, all the more for the bees. What else did we learn? One, that the electric extractor is only mildly more effective, and two, that we prefer a cerated knife to the hot knife. Old school rules!

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New Year Beauty Shots

We’ve just completed the photography of the 2012 season packaging for Black Tar Honey! Many thanks to Gillian Bostock for shooting the 2oz. apothecary bottles and 6oz. jars and also to Sticker Mule for the killer label printing job. The jars and labels have never looked so good! Stay tuned, there’s much more to come in the new year!

PS. You can check out the work over at www.cameronewing.com for other packaging related design projects.






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