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Bee and Food Demo

This last weekend we were asked by Chef Adam of Abbot’s Cellar to participate in a live-demo about bees, beer and food at the SF Ferry Building. We had a great time talking about the virtues of beekeeping and also incorporating some of last Fall’s harvest into the delicious winter vegetable recipe. Thanks to CUESA and Chef Adam for a really awesome day!

photo 1
Cam and chef Adam in front of the demo sign.

The crowd asking questions about the cooking process—fresh comb on display.

The frame as we uncap and served up tasting scoops of honey. Surrounded by fresh hops that
chef Adam ground into a fine powder for his fresh hops salt!

Chef Adam talking through his process—a pretty amazing first-hand cooking lesson!

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Summer Harvest At Hobson’s Hive—Part I

When you’re juggling many hives, you have many harvests. This last weekend we got elbow-deep in honey with Hobson and crew. They were awesome, I simply whipped up the emotional support. Great job gang! Here we see the crew suiting up and removing the frames.

IMG_4666 IMG_4670 IMG_4673 IMG_4676

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Amidst the chaos of the swarm from one of our hives on Abbot’s Cellar, we made the decision to harvest one super from each hive and also add an additional empty super to each. We were clearly running out of room and we want to be sure the ladies have plenty of space to grow into at the height of the summer. Here we go!


PS. Big shout to Benjie for loaning us his honey extractor!

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New Year Beauty Shots

We’ve just completed the photography of the 2012 season packaging for Black Tar Honey! Many thanks to Gillian Bostock for shooting the 2oz. apothecary bottles and 6oz. jars and also to Sticker Mule for the killer label printing job. The jars and labels have never looked so good! Stay tuned, there’s much more to come in the new year!

PS. You can check out the work over at www.cameronewing.com for other packaging related design projects.






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20 frames of capped honey ready to be harvested.

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Benwaffles X Mr. Combover Collaboration @ Bar Jules

The famously fabulous Benoit Tordeur of Benwaffles fame teamed up for his 2 year anniversary at Bar Jules to use Mr. Combover honey to make his 70 limited edition waffles on Sunday. As you can see from the crowd, people were excited.

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