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Capturing the Swarm!

Someone called it a few weeks ago when they said “I bet that windscreen is going to get torn apart.” After waiting for the bees to move on from their temporary home for a few weeks, we decided to go in and get ’em!

Thank goodness for Chuck Rossi who had a spare hive and a few extra hours this weekend. He and his wife swooped in and grabbed the swarm. Only keeping bees for three months and they’re already pros! Thanks Chuck, happy beekeeping—I hope the swarm treats you well!

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The Installation – Year 2

Cam lighting the smoker.

Cam in action. Literally pouring bees out of the shoebox into their new hive (which is the old, original hive). This is not easy to do by yourself.

Yes, those are bees flying everywhere! The installation is exciting, dangerous, and fun. The start of a new adventure!

Note the small box in the middle right of hte picture. This is a small cage in which the queen is kept. She is placed in this box and sealed in with a marshmallow. The idea being that it will take a day or two for the bees to eat through the marshmallow to help the queen escape. During that period, the hive will become accustomed to her scent, and will accept her as their rightful queen.

Photo credit: Gillian Bostock (http://www.gillianbostock.com)


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Proud Papa!

Cam on the morning of picking up the start of our two new hives.

One final inspection before they go roofside!

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